What is No-Fault Insurance?

As the name suggests, no-fault insurance is a type of auto insurance policy which – if it is available in your state – does away with some of the grueling ‘fault-finding’ process common in ordinary auto insurance. As it were, in traditional car insurance, upon reporting an accident, you have to go through a lengthy legal process with the other party in order to establish exactly who was the at-fault party.

This process takes time – delaying justice for the party who wasn’t at-fault and needlessly clogging the legal system because, at the end of the day, the insurance company for the at-fault party ends up paying for the liability incurred in the accident. With no-fault insurance on the other hand, the insurance company immediately compensates you when you file a valid claim, and then pursues the other party later – if that is necessary/possible.

By doing away with the long drawn out legal proceedings associated with ordinary auto insurance, no fault insurance removes a considerable burden from the legal system, making for faster dispensation of justice and saving government money and time. Many states have therefore come out strongly in support of no-fault insurance, and it is actually a requirement in many states.

Shop For No-Fault Insurance Quotes & Save

Shopping for no-fault insurance online can save you a significant amount of time and money.

  • By shopping for no fault insurance online, you save time from calling various carriers asking for their rates – time which can then be employed in more productive ventures.
  • Even more significantly, shopping for no-fault insurance online gives you easy access to the top carriers who sell no-fault insurance – and to conveniently compare their rates from the comfort of your home, possibly saving you a lot of money.

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